New Clients

Prior to an appointment (not necessary for Disability Determination Service clients):

It is the client’s responsibility to contact his/ her insurance carrier and determine the following:
1. Do you have Outpatient Mental & Nervous benefit coverage?
2. Will the services of Dr. Kenneth R. Starkey/Dr. Pamela Starkey be covered by the insurance provider?
3. Is a referral needed from a medical doctor? (If so it is the client’s responsibility to initiate this.)
4. Is authorization needed for:
Initial Evaluation (CPT 90791)
Psychological Testing ( CPT 96101)
Or both
5. Has yearly deductible been met, such that services provided are eligible for payment?
6. The amount of co-pay for Initial Evaluation session and amount of co-pay for testing?

For the appointment (for all clients):

1. Arrive on time.
2. Bring insurance card, co-payment, and photo id.
3. Bring eyeglasses if necessary.
4. Bring ALL medications you are currently taking. Make sure you bring your actual medication and not just a list.
5. You may bring one support person to the appointment, but do NOT bring children.